face lift…

I’ve made a number of “face books” now, some of real people, some pretend. One of a grumpy gross guy I’d prefer never crossed my path…

It’s fun to try to figure out new ways of opening them, making them talk, and feel like real little people with personalities that fit their forms. Sunglasses guy, for instance, contains a sonnet about mansplaining. Paola’s holds a short poem and collage about her origins. And “You Are What You Tweet’ is pretty self explanatory…the “head” is filled with candy wrappers and the tongue spews redacted nonsense.

It’s a little stranger to turn the tables on oneself as an artist — at least, it is for me. My self portrait in book form pulls a number of elements together. A brain in hope of connecting two thoughts (that would be nice!). A tiny composition book hoping to capture what falls.

Such a miracle, indeed, that anything gets done around here. 🙂


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