How To

Sometimes I draw cartoon-y instructions for how to make certain types of books. (I might as well share the bookiness, right?) Click on the link to get a PDF with instructions I have used in workshops. Please note that I absolutely hate to measure things, so consider it all relative.

Magic Book: Think you can’t create an amazing softcover book of six pages with one sheet of paper and one cut? Well, you can. It’s like magic. Click the photo of me in a tree for (rather silly) video instructions, and download this PDF to make your own magic book.

Hardcover Stab Bind: This sheet illustrates how to cut and cover board for a traditional stab bound book. It also suggests one way of sewing it together (although the possibilities here are endless).

Sewing Signatures: This sheet shows one way of sewing signatures of paper together to make a text block. Specifically, these instructions work well with an even number of signatures, each of which contains 6-8 sheets of paper, folded.

Cereal Box: Make a fun blank book out of recycled materials!

The Book Of Me!: Use this one-page magic book PDF to brainstorm ways of using your own story creatively.