art heals all wounds…

I am just thrilled to share that Lenett and I were recently featured guests on a wonderful podcast called “Art Heals All Wounds.” Host Pam Uzzell talked with us not only about our book art practices and our friendship, but the way we use arts- and writing-based workshops to help groups come together and find common ground.

Pam interviews artists weekly and sums her podcast up this way:

As creative thinkers, artists present us with some of the most compelling visions of ways that our world could work better for everyone–art around environmental, social, and racial justice, gender equity, ways to build community and bridge divisions, and solace for grieving. If we can see solutions to the things that prevent us from thriving as individuals and societies, we can imagine implementing those solutions. Once we imagine, we can become the people we want to be, belonging in communities that nurture everyone, and living in societies based on equity and justice.”

– Pam Uzzell, Host, Art Heals All Wounds

I hope you’ll listen today because it’s a perfect glance into our friendship and what drives us as artistic partners. And Pam does a marvelous job of setting the stage and helping us shine (thank you, Pam!). Enjoy!

Iliana Sosa, Filmmaker: What We Leave Behind Art Heals All Wounds

This week, I’m joined by Mexican American filmmaker Iliana Sosa to discuss her first feature documentary, What We Leave Behind. It’s a deeply moving portrait of her grandfather, Julian Moreno, the patriarch of her family, and serves as a beautiful tribute to his legacy.During World War II, Julian Moreno came to the US as a seasonal agricultural worker as part of the Bracero Program, later returning to his home in Mexico to start a family.  Sadly, Julian was widowed at an early age with seven children to raise. Iliana’s mother was the first of his children to immigrate to the US, leaving Mexico at the age of 14 to go to El Paso, where she eventually met Iliana’s father. In the subsequent years, Iliana’s grandfather frequently took the bus from his home in Durango, Mexico to Iliana’s home in El Paso, then on to Albuquerque to visit other relatives. His visits were always brief so that he could return home to care for his adult son with a disability.Iliana’s initial plan was to make a documentary film about her grandfather’s time as a bracero, but as in many documentaries, the story takes a twist. The film chronicles his journey of constructing a house in Mexico at the age of 89, and the larger message of what that project meant for him and his family. Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Castbox, or on your favorite podcast platform.Topics Covered:●      A brief synopsis of What We Leave Behind and why Iliana pursued this project ●      How Iliana’s relationship with her grandfather changed over the course of filming ●      Coming to terms with aging and things left undone at the end of your life ●      The importance of family connection, particularly one with members on both sides of the US-Mexico border●      How capturing everyday life naturally crafted the storyline and portrait of Iliana’s grandfather  Guest Info:●      Watch What We Leave Behind on Netflix ●      Iliana Sosa’s Website Follow Me:●      My Instagram ●      My LinkedIn●      My Twitter●      Art Heals All Wounds Website●      Art Heals All Wounds Instagram●      Art Heals All Wounds Twitter ●      Art Heals All Wounds Facebook●      Art Heals All Wounds Newsletter
  1. Iliana Sosa, Filmmaker: What We Leave Behind
  2. Marcus Thompson, Sportswriter: What Story is Your Favorite Team Telling You?
  3. Lenett Partlow-Myrick and Jenny O'Grady, The Power of Everyday Artists and Makers of Things
  4. Ganza Moise, Existential Questions for a Rwandan Filmmaker
  5. Ashley Hoff, Finding Light in the Darkness

In addition to here, you can also find our episode and many other inspiring stories at Art Heals All Wounds on Spotify and anywhere else you find podcasts.

Super cute portrait of me and Lenett by my friend Marlayna Demond. ❤


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