lung book, part two…

As I’ve mentioned a million times here, I am a slow maker of books. In moments when I finally finish things, I am reminded of why this pace is not an unfortunate thing, not something to be ashamed of. No, the slowness is important. Without it, I don’t think I’d make connections or find opportunities I’d miss by moving too quickly.

Case in point: the lung book. I started this…wow, I’m not even sure how long ago. (A quick Instagram consult puts the start of the project around February 2016. Thanks, Internet!) I made a quick start of it, building a structure of shrinky dink and paper and thread…but with absolutely no idea of what the words inside should be. This is not generally how I like to work, but the spirit moved me, so I moved paper.

Fast forward to the end of the 2016, and the passing of a major election and an even more personally major family health event. (Everyone’s okay.) When I look back now, the end of the year is a blur…but one of the things that came out of those personal challenges was a clarity that told me what this book was actually for: a chance to speak to the heart and lungs — chugging away always, unaware of the non-mechanical elements of our lives. Enjoy!

Held together, you can see the glistening organs within…

I embroidered details on each organ, and then applied a layer of glue to bring out the colors…

I hand lettered the poem onto the back and sides of the open rib cage…





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