the slow, low book movement…

14572858_10101478861875893_4078574943411509422_nMy friend Mychael, who runs the “So….Poetry?” podcast, recently invited me and my fellow book-y friend Meredith to talk book arts. We had a great time — after years of working together, Meredith and I still finish each other’s thoughts — and really dug into questions like what makes a book a book, where do our ideas come from, why it’s cool to take a million years to finish stuff, and the ever-present, WHY??

It’s a bit on the long side (like I said, we had fun catching up and chatting passionately about some pretty major minutia), but if you’re into bookiness…well, take a listen. Maybe fold some paper while you’re listening to get the full experience.

Many thanks to Mychael for the invitation! Here’s the link.



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