cigar boxes and super moons…

IMG_1087My art group met today to share our projects based around the topic “Come play with me…”  We hadn’t met in what seems like a million years, so it was wonderful having everyone together for lunch and a bit of creative fun!

The topic took us in many directions. My mom made a wonderful movie-inspired board game entitled “The Reel Deal,” complete with amazing Sculpey play pieces, all of which fit neatly into a cigar box. My sis made a gorgeous cigar box guitar, with a wooden neck she carefully sawed and stained, and a beautiful array of metal grommets. Lynne focused on “word play,” creating a whimsical poem on a drum, and inviting us all to play wild instruments together. Meredith made a cool paper tic-tac-toe game, and the kiddo even shared some paintings. Everyone did a fantastic job!

I struggled with this assignment, which we reminded ourselves went waaaaaaay back to last December. (Plenty of time to get off track!) In the end, inspired by my own cigar box (thanks, sis!) and the famous “super moon” gracing our sky, I created a scrolling haiku box with glowing stars, fireflies and moon. Here’s the poem:

stars watch us trapping
fireflies in jars, stealing
lightning from the sky


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