gee, i love fun-a-day…

Squishing the life out of the 31 individual signatures that will eventually contain my January haikus.

Just a quickie post today, as I (and the rest of the world) recover from the holidays and all that, to give a shout out to Fun-A-Day Baltimore. Yeah!

Fun-A-Day means spending each day of January doing something awesome. That is, you pick an awesome thing at the beginning — drawing a dog, singing a song, capturing a rainbow — and you do that thing each day of the month.

Last year I drew on library cards. This year, I’m planning a little collection of haikus and drawings inspired by whatever happens to me on a particular day. At the end I’ll bind them all together. So far… Day 1: reading a really scary book. Day 2: eating sushi alone.

You should try it! So much fun…and a great way to beat the cold grodiness of January.


3 thoughts on “gee, i love fun-a-day…

  1. I wish I’d known about this BEFORE now. Because my OCD is twitching, saying IT’S ALREADY JANUARY 3rd. However, I did start a plank challenge and am doing lots of planks every day, which is sort of awesome. Maybe that counts.

    1. I know what you mean…I actually completely forgot about F-A-D until the morning of the 2nd, so I used something I started doing the day before. It’s all good.

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