tyvek and vertigo…

Vertigo-PosterArtOur little art group met again recently, and what a fun time we had with this quarter’s theme: Vertigo. We all absolutely love this Hitchcock film, and as expected, it served as a well of inspiration to all.

There were poems! Spirals and swirls (even in our cookies)! An awesome Midge paper doll, complete with a cantilever bra! My art group is so cool.

Now, since this post is all about the film Vertigo, I hereby issue this SPOILER ALERT. I’m totally going to talk about what happens at the end of the movie, so please stop reading if you haven’t seen it. (And then see it right away. It’s a classic, for goodness sake!)

When we first got the assignment several months ago, I had two immediate thoughts: 1) I wanted to work with both the Judy and Madeleine character(s), and 2) I wanted to give them a way of not dying. Later on, I decided I also wanted to experiment with Tyvek (w00t!). So, without further ado…my Judy/Madeleine-depths-of-madness-avoidance-parachute-doll!


I figured old-fashioned clothes pins would work well for a two-headed doll. Thanks, mom, for the use of your coping saw!

IMG_0978Here, both ladies peek out from behind their parachute: Madeleine, the blond; Judy, the brunette. Both wear Carlotta’s necklace, even though everyone knows you shouldn’t keep souvenirs from a killing…duh!

IMG_0974Here’s the Judy side…

IMG_0977…and here is Madeleine thinking deep thoughts.

IMG_0976And, finally, a view of the underside contraption I created to make the parachute work for whichever lovely lady happens to be on the upside at the moment. I like to think it would keep murderers (or fate!) at bay in tall mission bell towers, but who’s really to say…


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