b is for “blown away”…

The kiddo and I sporting b-Grant tattoos.  He’s mostly excited about the tattoo.

I’m a little behind on posting my big news, and I could easily blame “Life” or projects, or whatever. But superstition is a better reason, I think, since I hate to think of jinxing things, and it sounds cute and rustic, right?

But, now it feels real (and un-take-away-able), so I’ll say it: I won a b-Grant from the kind folks at the Baker Artist Awards! And it’s for my crazy books…what?!?!!!

Needless to say, I am blown away. It’s incredible to think that more people will see my work. It’s amazing to even really think of it as art. All I can say is I am lucky to have such supportive friends and family…and to live in a city like Baltimore, which values its weirdo creative types. 🙂


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