bringing a book to life…

A still shot from the Pixar movie “Up!”

I love a good challenge. And I love a great movie. So, when my friend asked me to make a real-life version of a cartoon book for her wedding guest book, I nearly squealed with excitement.

The book in question is Carl and Ellie’s adorable “Adventure Book” from the Pixar movie “Up!”  This happens to be the first movie the bride and groom watched together — how sweet is that? And I know they are in for an equally adventure-filled life together!

But, how do you turn a photo — a collection of pixels and computer commands, when it comes down to it — into a book you can hold in your hands?

For a book so inspired by the virtual, the project was a wonderfully old-school one involving soft, worn papers, fabric corners and the like. I spent a good amount of time hand-painting the golden circles on the front, and cutting out the individual letters that would spell “Our Wedding Book.” And, I learned that with a little cajoling, large eyelets meant for — ahem — other things can, in fact, be used with binder board!

The bride and groom provided the designed inner pages, inviting guests to draw a picture of themselves and share a message. It was exciting to see this book come together, and exciting to think about how it might be a part of this young couple’s life together. Congratulations!

The front of “Our Wedding Book”
Inner pages provided by the bride and groom

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