busy little secrets…

I haven’t posted a lot lately because posting usually means I’ve finished a project — or at least come to a nice resting spot. Lately, though, I feel like there’s another element keeping me away from blogging: secrets.

Truth is, I’m busy, busy, busy. But I can’t show you anything I’m working on because so much of it is for this secret thing due next week, or the other secret thing due a month down the road. Sorry for all the mystery — it’s bugging me, too.

One thing I can share, however, is a tiny piece of a bigger secret. And when I say tiny — I mean it.

This little guy — a sparkling exposed stitch electric guitar book — is part of a bigger (SECRET) project. But it also stands on its own, I think…so here you go.

Bloop! It opens up into some of the most jagged signatures I’ve ever sewn. (Study the background of this pic and you’ll find it contains clues of the bigger SECRET, to be revealed, um, later.)

I kinda wish I had a tiny Guns ‘N Roses to play me a fancy rock ballad, too.


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