fun-a-day day 9: soooo many colors…

So, today is day nine of Fun-A-Day, a month-long project happening in Baltimore and other cities. Everyone picks his or her own kind of fun. So far, I’ve had fun nine times. (Cue slaughtering of famous Ferris Bueller scene: “I don’t remember her having fun nine times…”)

But, it’s true. Each day, per my self-imposed rules, I’ve pulled a random card catalog card from a bag, chosen a word from the card, and used colored pencils to draw silly pictures on the cards. Some of them look pretty cool; some of them look completely stupid. Thankfully, who cares? Surely not me.

I would imagine that besides knocking away those post-holiday long-winter-January-day blues, Fun-A-Day is also supposed to make us strangely aware of some sort of glowing creative inner something-or-other. In my case, the big discovery is this: color pencils are CRAZY awesome. I haven’t really used them since drawing super-detailed diagrams of Civil War uniforms in 8th grade (that’s another story), so I completely forgot how smooth and oily and bright and flexible and messy they are…whee! Nothing is turning out the way I want it to — the pencils are way too flaky and wild for that — but I’m having too much fun to really care.

So, as I continue through the Fun-A-Day month, I’m going to revel in the pencils. Maybe you’ll try them, too!


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