fun-a-day with me (pretty please?) …

Every year I see the notice about this way too late. And every year — until now! — I’ve been super sad to have missed out due to sheer lack of paying attention.

I’m talking about Fun-A-Day, a month-long creative explosion that invites anybody who’s interested — et tu? — to pick a creative project and do it once a day, every day in January. There’s one happening in Baltimore (along with other cities across the country), and this year I’m in to win it, baby. Learn more about it here.  Thanks to Dinah W. for sending me the link!

If you know me at all you know I love challenges like this; they force you to create. What’s even cooler about this is the timing. January can be a rough sun-less month. Maybe this will brighten things a bit.

So, here’s my personal Fun-A-Day plan. I happen to have about a million old library cards from the AOK Library at UMBC, so each day I’m going to choose one, pick a random word on the card and draw a picture of it (or about it?) somewhere on the card. At the end of the month, I’ll stick ’em all up on the wall in my office and maybe you can come see them. Maybe I’ll post them on here, too. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Will you join in?


2 thoughts on “fun-a-day with me (pretty please?) …

  1. Look forward to coming to this year’s show and will be trying to remember to do a Fun a Day next year 😉

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