i want you to want to…

Lingering Remnants by Maine-based artist Rebecca Krupke, which was inspired by a poem by Mary Bargteil

make art and poetry with me. I also want you to do it with each other…on my blog.

I’ve realized lately that I’m a big meddler, artswise, and if I catch a hint that you wish you were writing/painting/taking photographs more…I’m gonna latch on, and try to make it so. I just can’t help myself. It’s part of who I am, as recently proved by an online personality test my co-workers and I took. So, there.

This is a roundabout way of telling you that I hope you’ll submit something to The Light Ekphrastic, my quarterly online journal. If you send me a poem or a drawing or a painting or a cool video you made, I’ll pair you with a partner. You’ll take their piece and use it to inspire something new. You can see how it works here.

I get an amazing kick out of making these pairings happen. Not just because it’s pleasing to put a project in motion and see it through from start to finish (I’m coming up on Issue 7), but because it’s so nice to hear the genuine excitement from the artists and writers, some of whom just need a small vote of confidence to get started, when they see the finished work. It’s validating to see another artist being inspired by what you’ve done, and it’s extra amazing to be able to create opportunities for talented people.


2 thoughts on “i want you to want to…

  1. Ms. O’Grady, I feel as though I discovered in you someone quite special. I enjoy the poems of yours I’ve read online. I noticed that you were born the year I met my (eventual) wife — 1963. May you be successful in your writing.

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