leap(ing for joy) day…

Celebrating the coming of spring with my pal Erika, who painted a bird for TLE once.

I love Leap Day. And I love jumping for joy. And since I haven’t posted in for what seems like FOREVER, I’ve decided to combine the two while sharing some good news about my art and The Light Ekphrastic, my literary magazine. Let’s hop to it…

A TLE Show
First of all, TLE held a reception for its third show at The David Mikow Gallery earlier this month. (The show runs through April 10. Pics and info here.) We featured 10 artist-writer pairs, and it looks great. I’m so proud of the work our contributors made, and it was especially gratifying to get to talk with a number of them together at the reception. I still have a little bit of a glow left over from that night. We even had a reporter from the Baltimore Post-Examiner visit and write a story about the show…so exciting!

Jumping at the NM wedding of Meredith and Ave, two book-y friends! Photo: Marlayna D.

Some Public Bookiness!
Looking back on the last year, I can honestly say I spent a lot of time making…but not a lot of time finishing anything. Happily, one of the pieces I did manage to finish — my wearable shrinky dink and paper “Smart Watch” — was accepted into a supercool art show, Outside the Margins, Contemporary Artists’ Books, at Loyola University in Baltimore, now through April 3, with a reception on March 17. I can’t wait to visit and see who else’s work is in this show!

Yep, that’s me jumping off a picnic table. Woohoo!

A TLE Reading
They call Baltimore “Smalltimore” for a very good reason. Everybody knows everybody…and in lit circles, that can mean a wealth of opportunities to share and support each other. That’s why I’m extra, extra excited to be a part of 13th annual CityLit Festival in Baltimore for the very first time. A selection of former TLE contributors will be reading as part of the festival on April 16 at noon. More info on that soon!

So, as you can see, when it rains it pours! But, after an extra snowy winter, I’m grateful to go into this spring with a satisfyingly full plate. Happy Leap Day, friends!


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