falling behind, catching up…

IMG_1209I’m a deadline person. I love/need them, especially when art is concerned (second only to that other all-powerful motivator, guilt). Lately, though, I’ve surrendered to the idea that being a little behind is not only an inescapable fact, but an a-okay way to be, at least in certain areas. Even that shark is okay with the idea ——>

So, today’s post is a quickie round up of two winter/spring-ish books. Better to be behind on the blogging, than to not be making art…right? Right.

Here’s a little leather book I made over the winter. It kind of reminds me of a dragon. It was alternately fun and scary working with leather…but mostly fun.

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And here’s a shark book I made for my friend Heather. What a challenge! I like to think she’ll write some very important poetry inside…something that needs to be guarded by some serious chompers. My only regret is that it doesn’t play the theme song from Jaws when you open it…

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