inspiration for a wallflower…

untitled-or-not-yet-eva-hesseI’m so excited that my poem “Wallflower (For Eva Hesse)” is up today in What Weekly, and specifically, in the very first installment of its new “What Lit” section. What Weekly is a supercool online magazine that’s “documenting the Baltimore renaissance.” Baltimore really is a special place, and this mag is doing a wonderful job of keeping up with it all.

Read the poem here at What Weekly.

It’s funny how images can stick with you for years, and how you never know when one might prompt a creative response. I first saw Eva Hesse’s “Untitled or Not Yet” in a black and white art book my sister gave me back in 2002. Later, I saw it in person in either San Francisco or New York, I honestly don’t remember which. Wherever it was, it stuck with me, eventually co-inspiring the poem “Wallflower.” I say co-inspired because until I also got to know a photo taken by my friend of her sister, I had no need to write about either. But something in the portrait reminded me of Hesse’s work…and something about them together made my mind wander to the place I always most wish to be. So there you go.

I wanted you to see “Untitled or Not Yet”… amazing, isn’t it? I hope it blows your mind as much as it did mine.


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