some not-so-light reading…

I get this question a lot: As a maker of books, how do I feel about e-readers?

Ask my heart, and she will enthusiastically answer “BOOKS!” Ask my brain, and she will thoughtfully tell you about the time she was at the beach, 50 miles from a bookstore, completely grateful to be able to download some Jane Austen. Afterward, she will waver: her memory is so tied to paper.

Ask my wrists, though, and the answer is easy: Kindle all the way. Right now, I’m reading book two of Patrick Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicles, which clocks in at a chunky 999 pages. I started out with a “real book” — but quickly realized I’d finish much faster if I didn’t have to rely on my knees to prop the thing up. And that less ouchy wrists is a good thing. So, yes, I bought the book twice. (Worth it!)

Thinking back, I wonder how much more pleasant it might have been to read some other biggies of my life — The Stand (1,200 pages), The Fountainhead (752 pages) or the final Harry Potter which I simply had to read in hardcover the moment it was released (784 pages) — on my tiny Kindle?

What are some other superginormous books that would work well in e-form?


3 thoughts on “some not-so-light reading…

  1. I work at JHU as a Web developer/designer and I also teach that stuff at CCBC/MICA. I love that I can easily carry 80 pounds worth of technical books around and even search through them with my kindle reading machine. People would have to give up a seat on the metro for me, were I to haul the paper versions around.

    I’d love to carry the Sandman graphic novels around, too, but I’m not sure I’d like them on a kindle Fire (if I had one). I have some large Taschen books that just would never work in an electronic format.

    I love books and paper. I love the kindle, too – they are both wonderful for different reasons.

    P.S. I tried to post this earlier – hope it’s not a duplicate.

    1. Hey Jim! I totally agree about the technical books…we have a ton at my house, and they’d be much better as e-versions. (Maybe someday we’ll convert and donate and free up some space…) And Sandman (<3!!!) is definitely best in hand. Do you like Fables, by chance? I'm a big Fables nerd.

  2. I think I like everything Vertigo puts out – I’ve seen Fables but haven’t read them yet. I bought “Infinite Jest” for my kindle last night, which I’m finally going to read. My backpack did a happy dance.

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