potato stamps and bebehs…

So, whenever I get a new brown paper bag I fold it up and add it to the tippytop of a rather precarious pile in the dining room. Thinking I ought to finally cut the pile down, I grabbed a couple of potatoes and began an hour or so of good old fashioned holiday fun with my very favorite kiddo. Boy oh boy, what a fun time!

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Things we accomplished today:

  1. Gave 15 brown paper bags new life
  2. Created 15 large sheets of handmade hippie-licious wrapping paper for the holidays
  3. Sliced one of my fingers, but used the moment to teach about the proper way to hold a knife
  4. Made one kiddo deliriously happy stamping stars and Christmas trees every which way, stamp stamp stamp!

5 thoughts on “potato stamps and bebehs…

      1. Totally!!!! I’ve heard about potato prints before but I have never done them (also I forgot about them). I can’t wait to do this with my class at school!

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