disaster schmisaster…

There’s nothing like a crazy week to make you appreciate your home.

On Tuesday, we had a small earthquake, the first I’ve ever experienced. On Thursday and Friday, a fly nest exploded in the window well of my work building, filling my office with dozens of dizzying, biting unwelcome guests. (My final kill record was 32.)

And now, Hurricane Irene is on her way. In order to syke her out, I have done nothing to prepare. Even the batteries I bought were the wrong size. Not that I think it matters. We’ve lived without lights before, even — gasp — without the Internet. (And now, of course, I’m probably cursing us for something worse. Oh, well.)

That said, the week’s uneasiness has made me realize how much I love my cushy home with its squishy couches, familiar bed, shelves of books and leftovers. It’s nice to think about how we might have spent this, the last weekend before school starts, outside — but it’s just as fine curling up with my boys, reading stories, watching movies, and simply letting this silly week fade away…


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