i made a little book…

Actually, 50 little books.
They’re “magic books,” the kind of one-sheet-of-paper-plus-one-strategic-cut-equals-six-pages book I absolutely love because they’re fun and easy to make, easy to copy, and full of fold-y secrets.

This one, “Window Washer,” contains a poem about a guy washing a very significant window, and a little girl looking at him from the parking lot outside. That’s all I’ll say about the poem, but I will mention there’s a secret in this book. A secret in its construction and its entirety. And a secret instruction for the reader, which I hope will result in something cool down the line. The result being, of course, another secret…at least for the moment.


4 thoughts on “i made a little book…

  1. Jenny this is awesome! I would love to see a copy as well – I sell send you an email with my mailing address. I think you should come to VT and do a book workshop!!!

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