Scape landscape…

Today was the first day of our CSA, the third year we’ve participated, and by now, I know the inaugural CSA week is even more special than the others because I usually come home with a swirling mass of garlic scapes.

Mmm…garlic scapes. Aren’t they pretty?

I know I probably shouldn’t get too excited about a vegetable, but the scapes are so fleeting and so very delicious and fun. I want to curl them around my fingers and my wrist…and then toss them into the food processor, mash them to bits and eat them in a fine, spicy mush on a cracker only to later endure complaints from my significant other about the smell, the lingering smell, ohsomuchmore stinky than garlic itself. What a treat!


2 thoughts on “Scape landscape…

  1. Love your new website, Jenny! Congrats. I, too, like garlic scapes. Delicious chopped up in an omelet or scrambled eggs.

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