Walking to Clear My Mind…

The chances to take a loooooooooong walk are few and far between these days, so when one falls unexpectedly into my lap (thank you, ultimately harmless generator explosion at UMBC!), I grab it.

The day was perfect: 75 degrees and sunny. I’ve had a lot on my mind, but a nice two-hour walk was just what I needed to 1) clear out the old stuff, and 2) invite in about a bazillion new ideas.

During my walk I walked over an overpass and watched the cars beneath me. I found a stream I hadn’t noticed before. But most of all, I let the ideas zoom around full speed — zing zing zing! It’s amazing what a walk can do for my brain. When I returned home, my body was nicely weary (yeah, exercise!), but my mind was filled with possibility. The only trouble now is figuring out which to work on first. Hopefully I’ll show you a few of the results in the coming weeks…


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